Oregon Blackberry

A fruity, blackberry pie or cobbler smelling, well worked cultivar hand selected by Joshua from the pheno hunts of the 2000s.  Back when Oregon genetics were again reintroduced to his medical farm on the Lost Coast of California near Honeydew, an area well known for producing flavorful cannabis. We used our favorite Mazari Hash Plant male (Afgahni landrace) to strengthen the hardiness and structure of the buds.

The early finishing Blackberry Kush widely used in Oregon in the mid 2000s was one cultivar that stemmed from these pheno hunts, popular due to its desired 45 day finish and frosty nugs.
The Oregon blackberry is the same genetic line further worked for larger denser buds that prove to be mold resistant in the wet falls accustomed to the Pacific NW finishes 45 to 65 days